What is F2B2C

F2B2C(Factory to Business to Customer) O2O App.

A mobile app that allows you to purchase local market’s products and receive points that can be used at associated local stores.

This app provides support for local-based membership program that provides effective targeted advertising and income for the stores, helpful information and discounts for the users.

Company Introduction

Business Insight, Inc. started its business in Seoul, Korea in November 2009 with the fundamental goal of providing better consulting services to the world.

Business Insight, composed of professional in varies types of business and expertise, is growing rapidly through successful consulting of large companies such as Samsung Group.

As of 2018, Business Insight offers two platform services : the Market-based O2O platform, ‘Freshman’ and the lifestyle voucher magazine ‘Blue Book’. We are also helping Korean companies export overseas and responding to the demand for Korean products through the overseas O2O platform project.

‘F2B2C App’ is for American consumers looking for Korean products among the overseas O2O platforms.



Wants to be an example of a trusted company that grows with our customers and partners


A half step ahead through Business Insight

Core Value

Gives benefits to the employees,
Gives values to the customers,
Gives back to the society.


  • 2018

    · Agreement of MOU for cooperation with Eurasian Economic Association
    · Selected as a Business Partner for SK Group's Excellence
  • 2017

    · Data Hub System 2.0 Good Software Certification
    · Selected as Samsung’s Consulting Partner
  • 2016

    · Selected as an excellent company for job creation in Seoul
    · Lifestyle Proposal Book & App O2O Service " BLUE BOOK " Launching
    · Selected as Seoul Type small but strong Corporation
    · Food Consumer-Industry O2O Service "FreshMan" Launching
  • 2015

    · ScanBuy Service VC Investment Promotion
    · SMBA-designated Rapidly Growing Company
  • 2014

    · Selected as Samsung’s Gold Partner
  • 2013

    · Selected as Samsung’s Consulting Partner
  • 2012

    · Certification as a Venture company
    · Establishment of Company Affiliated R&D Institute
  • 2011

    · Merged with Tomos Inc. CNC
    · Seoul District SMBA’s New Intellectual Award
    · Establishment of System Integration Headquarters
    · Establishment of Retail Consulting Division
  • 2009

    · Established Business Insight